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Claudia Prana’s passion lies in helping you develop a strategy for success unique to you and intrinsically natural to you, be it in your career, your personal relationship or your health.

Success in all life areas is directly connected to one’s sense of purpose, passion and mission. Claudia Prana’s continuous work with people like you makes it clear that every person, once connected to their purpose and their innate success strategy, inevitably creates outstanding outcomes.

If you are looking for deep and meaningful career coaching solutions in Seattle, WA, contact Claudia immediately for a free interview session.


If you are dissatisfied with your current financial, material, personal and therefore, emotional state, the Power of Intention, a 2-day immersion program is for you. Experience more clarity and better control of your situation, acquire practical techniques to achieve rewarding results and feel more passion in your life.

The Power of Manifestation is an intensive and immersive one day (8 hour) program. Its sole purpose is for you to achieve a major breakthrough in your career or any other critical area of your life…right now.

The intensive one day Power of Manifestation program focuses one this ONE BIG GOAL you want OR must reach in 90 days or less.

How often did you disregard a gut feeling that you regretted later.

Wouldn’t you achieve more, and be less stressed-out if you could rely more on your inner knowing?

The Power of Intuition will enhance your ability to trust your higher judgment, to eliminate self-doubt and delay and give you more peace of mind.

It is uncommon to stop and think about all the tasks we complete in a day that steal our time and our attention and sabotage our own success.

Neuro Linguistic Programming brings our attention to the unique language patterns of our thoughts, our speech, and our behavior. NLP redirects and reprograms our neurology so that our performance and our outcomes match with total undeniable and well-deserved success.

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