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claudia prana

Infused with the calm beauty of French and Asian cultures and an indigenous heritage from New Caledonia, Claudia Prana brings a unique experience to healing, wisdom and the empowerment of the individuals. And also influence and create confidence for the people who are looking for career coaching in seattle, WA.


The Power of Intention Program is a 8 session series. Each session is 90 minutes long. The Power of Intention program (POE) is available

The Power of Intuition is an 8 session program. Each session is 90 minute long. The POI is designed to guide, coach and mentor

The Power of Manifestation is Sequel 3. This is the program that wraps up Step 1, the Power of Intuition, and Step 2, the Power of Intention.

Neuro Linguistic Programming brings our attention to the unique language patterns of our thoughts, our speech, and our behavior.

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