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The Power of Intuition Program

The Power of Intuition Program


All materials included


The Power of Intuition is an 8 session program. Each session is 90 minute long. The POI is designed to guide, coach and mentor the individual in developing heightened intuition. Heightened intuition helps reduce stress, fear of uncertainty, and anxiety over the unknown. Heightened intuition increases confidence and calm power, power from a peaceful mind.

Calm and peaceful power allows for improved decision-making process, and increased superior results.

The 8 sessions in this program include:
1. The Power of Meditation (POI 1 POM) 2. Harness Your Psychic Power (POI 2 PSY) 3. Power of Crystals (POI 3 CRY)
4. Power in Pendulum (POI 4 PEN) 5. Power in Symbols (POI 5 SYM) 6. Power in Placement (POI 6 FSH)
7. Power in Words (POI 7 WOR) 8. Ultimate Power Within (POI 8 ULT).

Listed Price is for Group coaching, workshops and webinars. For individualized one-on-one sessions please visit the “Contact” page.
Alternatively, you may contact or call 305 903 0070

Additional Information
Program Policy

Please choose consciously. There are no refunds on any of the group and one-on-one teaching programs. Opt for the 30-minute telephone interview or email for additional information, if necessary, prior to purchasing a program. In addition, read the Testimonial Page. To Your Brilliant Life!

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