Claudia Prana | Put Power In Your Goals And Soar!
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Put Power In Your Goals And Soar!


Have you written down your new year resolutions? How many resolutions do you honestly feel you will keep in 3 months, in 6 months, and beyond?

A study shows that only 45% of Americans have new year resolutions. More importantly, only 5% stay faithful to their goals and succeed in completing what they set themselves to do.


How do we insure our goals are fulfilled?

My work and passion lead me to not only explore and study success strategies but to help individuals implement them as well.

Every individual is born to live a successful, rewarding and meaningful life. We are all here to live our purpose. We all have a vision of a fulfilled life. Even if this vision is blurry or, as if you are “blind” to it, does not mean it is not there.

We all have a purpose…a calling toward something to be completed or achieved.

In this short video, I reveal golden nuggets for the successful completion of your new year resolution.

  • VISION. I invite you to envision, to hear and to feel fully the resolution you have set for yourself.
  • AUDITION. I also suggest you create a mantra out of your goal.
    You can even sing it along or chant it several times a day while you see yourself in the achieved goal.
    Hear the achieved goal while you see yourself in it.
  • SENSATION. Feel what it feels like to celebrate the success.

When we engage our senses to the goals we articulate, our mind, our body  and our soul work together toward the realization of these goals.

This video holds powerful information that, when understood and applied moves you toward success.

As you consistently and ardently live out your resolution in the powerful way I describe, you will discover that SUCCESS IS YOU.

In the pursuit of your goals, you become more focused, more powerful, more expanding, more relaxed, more confident, etc.

As you live out your resolution, you become the success you want to have. And, as surely as an apple tree does not fail to bear apples, you will build the success you are here to live.


The Bigger Picture!

Last but not least, when you set a goal or when you write down your new year resolution, think about the extent to which it is connected to your LIFE PURPOSE and HOW IT FITS IN YOUR VISION. If you can connect your resolution to your vision with ease, excitement and passion, you will live fully satisfied and you will receive more rewards than you can ever imagine.

To Your Brilliance! To Your Radiant Life.

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