Claudia Prana | Why you must act now!
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Why you must act now!

All behavioral changes are unconscious. Why am I saying this? I am saying this NOW because unless we are all absolutely satisfied with our individual and group evolution as a human race, a country or a community, we must shift our perception, our thought process and our actions in order that we create more satisfying results. Here, I present a retrospective of the cycle we are about to complete. This 9 year cycle started with… a big bang! A bang in the financial and housing markets which forced upon our life styles new regulations, laws and reforms. Are we happier now? Are we more secure? Are we freer? Are we more rich and abundant? Listen to this message and picture yourself 9 years ago, today and… 9 years from now. Then start to create the life you deserve to live, not one you feel you are forced to live.

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