Why your career dream turns into a nightmare... and what you can do about it. - Claudia Prana
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Why your career dream turns into a nightmare… and what you can do about it.

You have been dreaming about a particular career. One that will make you thrive, be your best, give your best and be truly happy. You have imagined yourself being the sales guru, or the top-notch manager or leader or the self-made millionaire or even the charismatic six-figure personality. You are ready for the meeting that will change the rest of your life. You wake up early, you arrive to the meeting place early and you engage into the meeting with gusto…until one question arise which caught you off guard. What do you do? You thought you prepared yourself for even the most unthinkable situation! What happened? Why did you…all of a sudden lost control of the flow of the situation? Don’t panic. Listen carefully, hear and head the advice here and you will win every time. There is ALWAYS a second chance.

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