“It is easier to succeed in America if you have a dream and fearless drive to succeed, simply because innovation and starting something new is an integral part of the American culture.”  Claudia Prana adds “Failure is only a failed attempt at something. No great achievers succeed without overcoming all odds!”

Claudia’s favorite language is success.

The mixture of cultures, traditions, and rituals in which she grew up, shaped Claudia’s outlook on life as the most powerful and potent energy to create brilliance, success, and prosperity.

Success, Claudia Prana believes, is the natural way of life of the human species because it is the way of nature. Claudia Prana remarks “Look around you. Look how nature is abundant. Look how nature thrives continuously. It is instinctual to grow and thrive in waves or in seasons. We must simply, individually, master our own seasons in relationship to well-defined goals and plans of actions aligned with our individual purpose.”

After studying in Tokyo, Japan, and Paris, France, Claudia Prana came to to the United States where she embarked in her first business venture…while pursuing her graduate studies.

Claudia Prana has three business ventures under her belt; one of which is a business partnership in a wholesale/retail European bakery. The other two businesses were solo enterprises in the jewelry industry.

Claudia Prana resides in the Seattle area, Washington. When she is not working, Claudia enjoys reading, yoga, meditation and nature.

When I first met Claudia, I knew there was something different about her!  I could feel her light, integrity, and wisdom. Several months later I started taking NLP Sessions from her.  It was then that I realized she is truly one of a kind!!

Claudia is very intuitive, intelligent, wise, authentic, and her title Master Practitioner is very accurate.  Her authenticity is not only revealed in her work and her ability to identify and move her clients through their journey; but also in herself.  Claudia truly practices what she teaches in her own life which is very rare!

Since working with Claudia I have moved through some significant personal hurdles, increased my business volume.  I not only have sustained a higher volume, but have had my very best month ever in 21 years of my business!! If you are looking for a powerful shift, Claudia is the best there is!

Sincerely, Nina N


MBA Entrepreneurship, BA Sales and Marketing, CPC Certified Professional Coach, NLP Certified Master Practitioner and Master Coach, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, Hypnosis Master Practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner.



Clairvoyance, Clair audience, Clair cognizance and Clair sentience.
Claudia speaks – English, French, Vietnamese, Spanish and Japanese.