To open part 2 of “The Secret of Spectacular Success” I want to share an amazing success story with you. But first, let me warn you: the speed with which it reached stardom was amazing. And the speed with which it vanished was just as mind-boggling.

FUHU, a tablet-manufacturing company was founded in 2008 by young entrepreneur Fujioka. The company went from making almost $200 million in revenues between 2008 -when it all started- and 2013 when it was recognized as the number 1 fastest growing company.

FUHU grew about 159,000 % in about 3 years and went bankrupt 3 years after. It reached First place among the Inc 500 companies competing as fastest growing organizations, and kept its super star rank for 2 years in a row -in 2013 and 2014.

And in 2016, FUHU vanished into oblivion. It went from being worth over $200 million dollars to being sold out to giant toymaker Mattel for $21.5 million; a mere 11% of its value.

For a detailed account of the story -from a financial perspective- refer to Inc magazine, September 2016 edition.

As I read the story and followed FUHU’s financial trail from founder Fujioka’s first meeting with the Hui brothers’, 2 young self-made millionaires and founders of PC maker eMachines, it clearly appeared to me that what was missing in Fujioka’s climb to success was…: a lack of a solid foundation.

Fujioka built a castle in the sand.

The Inc. magazine recount of FUHU’s story reveals that the malaise of FUHU emerged from the founder’s drowning in hollow over-confidence -one which had no solid foundation.

There were no values, no principles and no purpose to  sustain the miraculous growth and serve as the Light and the Compass of the company’s leadership team.

In PART 1 of the Secret of Spectacular Success, I focused on one prerequisite for success: SMART GOAL. I explained that SMART GOAL stands for:

specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

I explained why when we fail to set a SMART goal, we are simply expressing a wish and giving fate a chance to decide the outcome.

The article in Inc. magazine shows how FUHU leadership team did not bother with SMART GOAL. If here and there the article attempts to glimpse into what could be the leaders’ SMART GOAL, they certainly did not pay attention to the current market trend and consumers’ interests.

I also mentioned that even when we set a SMART GOAL we run the risk of abandoning the project halfway or if we complete it we may lack the level of satisfaction we anticipated in the beginning.

In FUHU’s case, founder Fujioka was forced to abort the project when one morning, a staff of FUHU’s accounting department noticed that the company’s online checking account was at $0.00 from $4 million the day before.

It seems obvious from the article, that poor decisions and mismanagement of cash flow drove the star company to dust in just 3 years.


The Anatomy of Spectacular Success.

The ANATOMY OF SPECTACULAR SUCCESS discusses the necessary elements for success to be not only possible but also permanent.

Many of us can and have experienced success once, or twice.

What is the key in experiencing a sustainable success?

What is the key to long-lasting success amidst the most dramatic set of circumstances?

How does our one time SMART GOAL SUCCESS turn into a life-long spectacular success?

Here is the secret.

Unless the success you seek takes its roots in a strong set of values or core-beliefs, grows through a heart-based mission and expands into a clearly articulated life-purpose, the success strategy you devise and the SMART GOAL you set will drive you to a short-term success at best.

The ANATOMY of Success challenges us to ask questions that, without engaging our heart, our mind fails to answer in a compelling way or answer at all!

While our mind helps fulfill all logical and analytical duties, our heart brings the passion necessary to see the goal through especially in times of hardships, uncertainty, and difficulty.

The anatomy of success includes:

Your values

Your principles and core beliefs

The code of conduct you vow to adhere to no matter how uncertain the future may look


Values are to your life-long, spectacular success what a rock-solid foundation is to a building.

If you were to build your dream home and invest all your hard-earned money into it, you would want to make sure that the foundation on which it is built is rock solid, wouldn’t you!

Values may include integrity, transparency, honesty, virtue, or any belief or sets of beliefs that serve as the basis of your enterprise.

As such, before you launch any venture with the desire to succeed, think about your values. Reflect upon your core-belief and how you would like to live day-in and day-out, shiny day or rainy day, throughout your venture.

Values are intangible yet they are fully visible through the decisions you make and all the actions you take. People who exude strong values are known to be very dependable, consistent, and congruent.

Values, like the strong roots of tall trees, keep your personality intact no matter how difficult and painful some decisions are. They also help strengthen your determination to succeed.

People with strong values are not immune from hardships. They are simply not bent and broken by hardships. They see hardships as new seas to conquer.



While values give solid roots to your enterprise, your purpose gives the reason for your enterprise to survive the storms of difficulties and to thrive and succeed.

The key to having a purpose is threefold.

  • First, the question to answer to is this: “is what I want to accomplish aligned with who I am?”

You may be very talented. You would be a very successful lawyer based on everything that your peers tell you. But deep within you, something calls you to choose the arts. You want to become an actor.

Your mind tells you to pursue law and your heart is whispering to you to follow the arts.

You can see here the importance of a relationship between your calling and your heartfelt desire.

The more connected it is to your heart (not your mind) the more meaningful it is to you, the greater the chance you will fulfill your purpose no matter what the circumstances are and no matter how long it takes. Not only that, you will feel successful throughout the process of fulfilling your calling.

  • The second aspect in living your purpose fully is in the answer to a question repeated over and over.

Each one of the successive answers must encompass more and more of those involved. The larger and larger the group, the more passion emanates and the more likely the path to fulfilling your purpose.

Let’s use an example.

Let’s suppose that you say: “My purpose is to enrich high-school students’ lives.”

  1. Ask yourself the following question: Why do you want to enrich high-school students’ lives?

Your answer could be: in order that they will enter the adults’ world with more self-confidence, hope and optimism.

  1. Ask yourself: Why is it important that they enter the adults’ world with more self-confidence, hope and optimism?

Your answer could be: in this way, they will enjoy even more the work they choose as well as the other activities they sign up for.

  1. Ask yourself again: Why is it important that they enjoy even more their work and other activities?

Your answer could be: it is important because it is the best way to contribute to a happy and peaceful community.

  1. Ask yourself again: Why is it important to contribute to a happy and peaceful community?

Your answer could be: a peaceful community is important to me because it is what we, human beings, are here to accomplish together.

In this example, do you see how the same question repeated over and over helps you see the bigger picture and the broader impact your decision to live your purpose has on those around you and the much larger community?

With each answer, do you feel the increased physiological impact such important questions have upon you? Do you realize how important it is to know what your purpose is and to live it? Do you realize your value?

  • The third and last aspect of stating your purpose is this: when you complete the exercise that we just did and when you read out loud the questions and the answers each day, a powerful energetic ripple effect starts to happen whereby synchronicity abounds; unexpected phone-calls and encounters happen that move you toward the direction of your purpose.

Is it coincidence? Maybe! …maybe not! What counts is that you feel elevated, filled with enthusiasm and the belief that your life matters, your talents matter, your skills and knowledge and all your individuality matter…because something big awaits you on the path to fulfilling your purpose.



Your purpose helps answer the question “WHY am I here?” It is the invisible presence calling you and nudging you toward its direction.

                Your MISSION is not only your commitment to fulfill your purpose but it is also your GPS.

Your MISSION is your Guide to Your Personal Success.

When you state your mission, you are saying “This is how I am going to craft, create, live and achieve my purpose.” And every day your mission reveals HOW you spend your time, how you use your skills and knowledge, how you invest your gifts and your talents and how you live your values.

            A PURPOSE is broad and more general in terms; a MISSION is more detail oriented.

Based on the example we used earlier to illustrate the value of your purpose, the mission statement could read like this:

“I am here to enrich high-school students ‘lives by organizing weekly public-speaking events where they come and express their ideas on topics that matter to them. These meetings will serve as opportunities to foster their leadership, to cultivate their critical thinking and to nurture the spirit of acceptance in differences.”

Do you see how your personal mission statement serves as a GPS whereby it guides you toward achieving your purpose?

What is the next logical step?

It is the SMART GOAL.

The SMART Goal dissects the mission statement. It takes it apart to create a plan of actions that will put your mission in motion.

As you complete one SMART GOAL, you will come up with new SMART GOALS. And sooner than you realize your purpose is alive and is thriving as you live your mission every day with power and zest.

This is the reason why, and this is how, influential leaders exude tremendous passion.

                Passion emerges from the heart and nourishes the mind so that the mind functions at its highest level of potential.

                The secret of spectacular success is in combination of the anatomy of success and the strategy of success.

The SMART GOAL, and its application, is the craft of our mind working at its highest capacity when aligned with the heart.

                When the mind and the heart connect, you can move freely toward the success you are here to create and experience… spectacularly!