NLP and Hypnosis: a powerful combination for your creative mind.

The power of the subconscious mind

NLP and Hypnosis for your creative mind

My intention is to invite you to open your mind to a concept about your mind that might have never crossed your mind before.

Even though we rarely think about it -if not at all- your mind, my mind, is the very thing everybody else wants to have control of.

Focus your mind for a second on the avalanche of information poured into your mind all day long…without conscious awareness of it happening to your mind: headline news all day,  social media news all day, Fake news, friends’ news and family news… all day.

It blows my mind how little attention is put on your beautiful and powerful mind by you… and how being mindful of your negligence out to be… a no-brainer! For the movie world, the media world and the advertising industry, your mind has become a minefield, an exploitable territory.

Isn’t it mind-boggling to you that your buying decisions are based on your emotions… even when it is about buying a printer for your office or a lawn-mower for your garden?

Your mind, I mean your subconscious mind, is the doorway to your emotions. The part of your mind that is below the surface of your conscious mind. It is there, in the deep and dark region of your subconscious mind that the world of advertising penetrates…using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis…I must admit, at their worse!

For example, do you believe that “a diamond is forever”? In truth, it may be in the sense that, like most natural gems, it does not decay, deplete and die. But, on the other hand, using diamond to create a sense of eternity in your life can deplete you of the financial fortune that could be used in more useful ways…down the time line of your life.

Yet, in the excitement of the purchasing process, you would admit that, being of sound mind is not exciting at all and therefore… not desirable.

Anyone in their right mind would admit that any news seen again and again, heard over and over, and felt stronger and stronger, triggers decisions and actions on your part that could make someone scream “Is she out of her mind?  

Just like a knife which you can use to cut your veins or someone’s throat or…simply cut your food, NLP and Hypnosis together are used to either control your subconscious mind or it can be used to help you regain peace of mind, or for the very least, a piece of your mind.

When used along with Time Line Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis will clean-up the emotions that ruin your health, restore your state of mind and body that allow you to be sane and totally safe… to make the decisions and to take the actions that are most beneficial to you and those around you.

NLP and Hypnosis, when utilized at their very best, help you reclaim your mental and emotional territory.

Recall right now what happened in the Spring of 1912. Well, of course, none of us were there when the Titanic hit the iceberg and sank. But you see, as soon as I said the word TITANIC, you saw it in your mind. You might have even made the movie “The Titanic” come up right in front of your eyes. You might have even heard the song!

But what if, in your everyday life, instead of the Titanic sinking, you are -figuratively- sinking… slowly, very slowly…beneath the load of some heavy issues you may be dealing with or some emotions connected to something that took place 7 years ago or…27 years ago. And yet, it still preys on your mind as if it is happening…right NOW!

In 2015, while on vacation in Florida, I met a gentleman in his late 30s. He was complaining about some debilitating migraines and his suicidal tendencies. As he was talking, tears were flowing down his cheeks. I could see how his depression was eating away his very best-self!

I asked him “How long have you been depressed?” He said “It has been so long… I don’t even remember!” He added, “I don’t know why but, every day I feel so depressed.” And he cried even more. I suggested that he let me address the issue from a NLP and Time Line Therapy® point-of-view.

It happened that the gentleman, unknowingly-therefore unconsciously- stored the memory of two childhood traumas in front of him. The memory of the first trauma was about 3 feet in front of him and the other one was about 5 feet in front of him. It was no mystery, from an NLP perspective that this gentleman was being blocked and could not move forward in his life because the overwhelming presence of these traumatic events were in the forefront of his mind. Even though he did not consciously recall them every day, they, nonetheless were activated by the subconscious part of his mind. With every passing year, the memory of these traumatic events turned sadness into melancholy and eventually into a state of depression.

I helped the gentleman relocate these memories back where they belong, behind him and we pushed them way back in the distance behind him, far enough that even though the memories are still there, the sadness was disconnected and as a result the depression disappeared. He felt good for the first time. And he even said “Wow, I feel a huge load lifted up from my shoulders!”

He was no longer feeling the weight of the traumas the memory triggers.

He was now able to walk and move forward toward the future in total peace of mind and free from wanting to terminate his life.

Is it a surprise to you that in our language we speak of “Leaving the past behind!”? Easier said than done!

It is never enough to exert yourself to keep problems, self-destructive emotions and beliefs in the back of your mind.

Keep this in mind: our mind is like a computer hard-drive. Sooner or later, it spits garbage-out. Like computer malware and byteware, anger, sadness, fear, anxiety or negative self-talk, with time, grow to form a virus in the body.

And exactly like a computer being infected by a virus stops functioning, your mind sends the virus throughout your body which now starts destroying itself.

With the use of NLP and the mild application of hypnosis, I simply delete, clean-up and reprogram your mind and your body so that you can create a happier state and experience more satisfaction and happiness.

In this way, and in its true sense, you become fully capable of mining your own mind as opposed to allowing others and other things to exploit your mind.

I read this once: Do not conform to the patterns of this world; instead, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.