Know your numbers and be rich!

Why is it some people are happier than others regardless of the ups and downs of the economy? Why is it some people seem to be more successful than others regardless of all the uncertainty life throws at us? Two factors influence our outcomes in everything we do and in all areas of our life.

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From Cancer to Consciousness

From Cancer to Consciousness. How death by cancer resurrected my super consciousness. Life, as Helen Keller said, is an adventure and like all adventures, it is full of surprises. But not all surprises are good and embraced. Cancer is certainly one we can all live without.

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The Secret of Spectacular Success Part 1

In the beginning of a new year it is natural to plan for success. During the holiday season, we celebrate more, we relax more, and we allow ourselves a more indulgent life. With the beginning of a new year we shift gears; we wake up to a sudden renewed sense of purpose, a strong desire to accomplish something different, something new and something big. We are more determined, more resolved to lead a new life! We feel the urge to set the big goal that will change our life. Let's dive into the secret of your spectacular success!

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Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation

My guided meditation will help you achieve deep relaxation: the key from restlessness to peace.

The stress of life, be it related to work obligations, professional relationships or personal ties does not have to tie you down and make you prisoner of your thoughts and emotions.

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