From Cancer to Consciousness. How death by cancer resurrected my super consciousness.
Life, as Helen Keller said, is an adventure and like all adventures, it is full of surprises. But not all surprises are good and embraced. Cancer is certainly one we can all live without. We have all been touched by cancer, directly or indirectly. I lost two friends in less than 3 months this past summer due to cancer.
This prompted me to write and speak about the cause of humans’ sufferings. Shakyamuni Buddha teaches about transcending birth, sickness, old age and death and attaining englightenment as the purpose of our existence.
In this video I share one possible way to do just that! It sounds simple…and it is. But if it is not easy it probably is because of ignorance, distraction or resistance on our part. We have been increasingly driven to connect with our senses. All of the amazing advances in technology and communications are getting our attention. Unfortunately, and to the same degree and speed, we have gradually gotten farther and farther away from our own natural and instinctual human needs for authenticity, truth and integrity. By integrity I mean being whole and integral with our body, Mind, and Soul. We have regressed in fundamental ways and in matter of our connection with our true purpose. This rift allows the malfunction and eventually destruction of the most powerful technology we all hold: our mind, our super mind. In this 36-minute video, I engage in a conversation with the hope to shift your attention within. To lead you to an exploration of your multi-dimensional mind and to get a glimpse at how to transcend the limitations of external progress.
It is worth exploring the limitless potential that lies within us and go wherever we are meant to go because along the way, we uncover our greatness, the hero within. In addition, our victory and success is an invitation for others to be victorious against all odds.
For more information on how to tap into the Super Hero WITHIN YOU explore It is all about decision, action, transformation, and…ultimate fulfillment.