About Claudia

Clarity, strength, vibrancy, passion are often used to describe Claudia Prana by those who know her. Born and raised in New Caledonia, Claudia Prana was exposed to a diversity of ethnicity and culture, traditions, and beliefs. A French territory in the South Pacific, the island is a beautiful melting pot of diverse cultures from Melanesian to European, Asian, and Polynesian.

Could This Be the Influence That Led Claudia Prana to Learn to Speak Several Languages?

From French, English, Spanish, and Japanese in school, and Vietnamese at home, Claudia Prana spent hours in private lessons and reading in various languages when she was not attending school.

“Because of this early exposure to various languages, I was always fascinated by the idea that I could go and live in other countries. But more importantly, the idea to find myself in a totally foreign environment where I knew absolutely nobody was very exciting to me… because I could then start speaking in their language and start the process of learning new things and discovering a new life!”

This Thirst for Knowledge and Discoveries

Explains Claudia Prana’s interest in many art forms: painting, sculpture, music and cooking, and their place in history. When she is not found pouring her passion into her work, Claudia Prana enjoys reading on subjects such as sociology, history, and of course, success methods and strategies. An evening at the Jacksonville Symphony definitely awakens Claudia’s spark for her work or other endeavors.

“Success is a beautiful process. It starts with a seed inside someone’s mind. When the seed of success grows and reaches the heart, passion is born and like a bird, it wants to be set free to fly as high as it aspires to!” — Claudia Prana

“Inspiration precedes aspiration which precedes powerful actions and execution! — Claudia Prana