Updated December 2017

New Year’s Resolutions


Many of you are ready to pen down your goals for the new year. Some of you have already written a list of things you want to accomplish. And others may have decided to attack a very big goal; a goal which will change their life.

Yet, as many of you know, by the time winter turns into spring, many of the New Year’s resolutions are forgotten.

A study was conducted that shows that out of 100 Americans, 45 make New Year’s resolutions. The same study found that out of these 45, 34 keep their new year resolution after one week. However, 16 of them give up on their resolution after one month, and 24 of them give up their resolution halfway through the year. 5 out of 100 fulfill their New Year’s resolutions.


Why do your resolutions turn into a wish list as the year deepens?

One of the reasons -if not the most powerful reason- many individuals fail, is simply because they do not add power to their goals.

In the same way that a vehicle whose gasoline tank is almost empty will fail before it arrives at its destination, your mental stamina will run out of steam before you accomplish your goal if you do not add power to it.


Let me explain what I mean by the following example.


Paula and Barbara are two colleagues. They have worked together for the past year and expressed their goal to make 2017 a year of travel, one of exploration and the discovery of other cultures.

It just so happens that the organization they serve is expanding in international markets and its goal for the upcoming year is to open an office in Frankfurt, Germany and another, later in the year, in Lisbon, Portugal.  As the director of the international division lays out the plans for the coming year,

Paula’s excitement increases.

Her imagination goes wild! She feels the excitement of her colleagues and the international division director as she presents her ideas. She sees the director announcing her promotion as team leader for the division in Europe. In her super mind, Paula is already in Frankfurt. She can see it. She can hear it. She can feel it.

Barbara has quite a different experience.

She feels more anxious than excited. The intensity of her emotions takes over her mind and the mental picture of her trip to Europe is blurry. As she hears the excitement in the room, her inner voice seems deafening: “This is not exactly how I envisioned exploring Europe in 2017.” The inner voice continues: “Yes, but the company covers all your travel expenses.” At this point, Barbara feels a split within herself.

A week passes by, two weeks, then three.

While Paula is still excited and focused on the image of herself in Germany, Barbara seems to gradually drift away from the idea. All the preparations, the work, and the changes are taking too much space in her mind to enjoy the process of making it happen.


It is not enough to write them down.


If you want to soar you must put powerYou can see from this story how big a part our senses play in either draining our energy and killing our goals or fueling our energy and strengthening them. When we set a goal or a New Year’s resolution, it is not enough to write it down.

  • We must read it out loud. Several times if necessary.
  • We must envision our resolution.
  • We must associate the appropriate sounds to our resolution.



The more intensely you can feel your resolution, the more real it becomes to you and the more powerful it is.


If you want to soar, you must put power in your goals.


I personally turned my resolutions into incantations. Throughout the day, I chant them silently. I see myself in the achieved goal, and I hear all the appropriate sounds associated with the achieved goal. I do this every day, sometimes, several times a day.

I’ve created a powerful goal, and my goal now is working with me to become a reality.

If you want to soar, you must put power in your goal.


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