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Real Estate Investor – Claudia Prana uses the techniques and skills of NLP and TLT® to build strength, and inner power to run her business ventures and enterprises.

“NLP and TLT® personal sessions give me clarity, conviction, and courage and an undeniable inner power that help fuel all my business decisions and lead to the appropriate actions to achieve outstanding results.”

Prana’s Real Estate Activities

Include wholesaling, fixing and flipping houses, and buying and holding properties. She can be seen at real estate investors networking meetings and events in Jacksonville, Florida, where she currently resides. But she also enjoys the beauty of the Pacific Northwest where she has completed several real estate ventures.

“My capacity to envision is at its best when I can see through a rundown property the charming home it can become. And that is exactly what took place when my crew and I transformed a 1924 small shack into a 2020 contemporary split-plan home… in four months. It is simply exhilarating, fulfilling! But certainly not without sweat and love.”

“Passion is the driving force behind every long-lasting accomplishment. It is the fuel that causes the fall-away of all fear!” — Claudia Prana.

Real Estate Investment

Looking to sell your home for cash fast? No idea where to even start? If these statements sound like you, keep reading…

Lacking the time and financial resources to sell your home alone?

Excessive real estate fees cutting into your profits?

Can’t afford the major repairs: a new roof, a new electrical system, a new air conditioning system, a new water heater, plumbing, etc?

Can’t afford your home’s monthly maintenance costs?

If time is of the essence and you need to sell your home fast and for cash, Prana is your go-to investor. She will turn your unwanted property into cash on the spot, affording you the time, money, and energy you deserve.

If instead, you are the proud owner of a charming or beautiful home you’ve loved and nurtured, and you are looking for a professional Florida-licensed real estate sales associate, you are just a phone call away or a simple click away.

Claudia Prana holds a Florida real estate license and practices her real estate career at Hometown Realty of Duval, Florida.

Hometown Realty of Duval has been established in Jacksonville and the Florida North East for twenty-five years. It is a rock-solid privately owned real estate company. Steve Sechler, broker/owner, is a wealth of information when it comes to this beautiful Florida real estate. He certainly masters all the ins and outs of real estate buying and selling in the local residential real estate market, as well managing residential rental properties.

Investors Welcome

Opportunities are available for wholesalers, flippers, and more!

Prana Property Investing

Claudia Prana Property Investing is looking for wholesalers, fixer/flippers, and real estate financial investors to join my team!

Are you ready to invest but the volatile stock market doesn’t appeal to you?

Or, you may want to invest short-term for higher returns?

Are you a successful wholesaler and ready to dive into repairing and remodeling?

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I Invite You to Consider Partnering With Me

I buy houses “as is.” I take care of repairs and remodeling, then market them to sell. Contact Claudia Prana Property Investing.

If interested in making a 3-6 month financial commitment to help see the project through to sale, please submit your information through the contact form or call (360) 890-3118 or email me at

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