The Power of Intention Program

In the Power of Intention program, you learn to uncover your Power Within, discover your purpose and map out a winning strategy to create a life aligned with who you truly are.

The NLP methods for success strategy is a key factor in this program. If you feel unsatisfied with your present work or relationship or if you feel at a loss, the Power of Intention is for you.

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The Power of Manifestation Program

The Power of Manifestation is a Life Changing experience. It is for you only if you desire a real change of life!

This life-changing program is only for those who experience one or more of the following: unsatisfied with present professional conditions, financial health or relationship issues, stress, fear, anxiety, the feeling of being overwhelmed, etc.

If you are not sure the Power of Manifestation is for you, ask yourself this question:

  • “If I keep doing what I have been doing for the past 3 years, will I be happier and more fulfilled 3 years or even 1 year from now?” or,
  •  “How can I shift from fear or anxiety to clarity, confidence and live a more powerful life? or,
  • “What do I need to know that when I know will change my life for the better?”
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The Power of Intuition Program

Many people have the idea that intuition, beyond trusting your gut, belongs to the realm of psychic phenomena and does not have much value without proven methods or scientific evidence.

Yet, the Harvard Business Review, the magazine executives refer to for organizational executive management, published several articles and studies on the relevance of intuition in decision-making processes. Maidique (2011) indicates:”business leaders ignore their intuition at their own peril.”

The Power Of Intuition program is designed to guide, coach and mentor you in developing heightened intuition.

  • Heightened intuition helps reduce stress, fear of uncertainty, and anxiety over the unknown.
  • Heightened intuition increases confidence and calm power; power from a peaceful mind and a relaxed body.

Calm and peaceful power allows for improved decision-making process, and increased superior results.

“Whether you are talking big data or conventional analytics, intuition has an important role to play.” Davenport, T.H. (2013)

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The NLP/TLT® experience

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study and the application of techniques that bring profound and lasting personal transformation.

NLP, a life-altering tool, helps you to free yourself from restrictive beliefs, self-destructive emotions and self-sabotage patterns of behavior and connect more fully with your Inner Power to create excellence.

  • How much would your life change if you could remove the stress from your life?
  • How much more happiness would you feel if old, sad and bad memories no longer held you hostage?
  • Wow much more efficient would you be if you felt untiring, relentless, passionate about your life? Wouldn’t you be more focused, more productive and more prosperous?
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