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The success witnessed by all in Sports personalities and business “gurus” is not the result of some luck or miracle.
Instead, these extraordinary successes are the natural results of a perfect alignment of their mind, their emotions
and their body with their individual innate winning process.

Embedded in your neurology, NLP and Hypnosis are utilized in the Power of Creation program to
insure you shift away from stress so you can enjoy days filled with energy, vigor and vitality.

Find out what your success strategy is through the experience of the Power of Creation
and go out to create your most powerful and radiant life.

Apply a step-by-step model of success fit to your unique set of
circumstances and live your life with power!

Creation Program

Our 2-day intensive program uses the immersive work of NLP to help you create a more productive, powerful and fulfilling set of targeted actions to achieve a specific goal.

Unlike the conventional S.M.A.R.T. goal setting practiced in small and large organizations alike, the Power of Creation uses deeper neurological power points using language that trigger and result in outstanding and rewarding outcomes for the individuals. Stress is eliminated. Total control and calmness are experienced so that you can and will experience your major victory in 90 days.

Discover the success strategy embedded in your neurology and master the communication between the super-conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the conscious mind.

Release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions.

“Sometimes we experience the darkness of our souls and the wind of our sails is completely gone. We’ve become disconnected from our authentic self. Slowly…hopelessness creeps in. I was disconnected. But then, Divine guidance brought someone along my path who opened the gateway to my Higher Consciousness, and empowered me to see my truth and potential; the life I Am here to create. Claudia Prana is that person for me. By using her compassionate nature, intuition, vision and her teachings, Claudia filled my sails once again, with my truth and my life’s purpose. Knowing what I am here to create has given me such peace and joy. It is hard for me to find the words to express the gratitude which fills my heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Claudia Prana’s teachings and strategies to anyone who is ready to discover their power and the peaceful joy of living their life’s purpose.”
Cindi K., cosmetologist, hair stylist, interior designer

1-on-1 Coaching

Map-out and produce your next 90 day total victory.

How many times have you poured your heart and mind in a project or goal to realize that your satisfaction was short-lived?
Have you ever pursued a dream – or two – that you abandoned half-way, having lost interest in it or the means to help you see it through to the end?

With the Power of Creation program, you learn the keys successful people, whether in business, in sports, or in their personal pursuits, have mastered to reach not only the summit of their objectives but beyond.

When you sign up for this program, you receive :

  • A full color 80 page workbook of the “Power of Manifestation.“
  • A 24“ x 36“ Poster of your Purpose, Mission, and Values
  • 30-day email, phone and text support and follow-up.

Group Coaching

Minimum of 4 participants

Email Claudia for more details about Group Coaching


MBA Entrepreneurship, BA Sales and Marketing, CPC Certified Professional Coach, NLP Certified Master Practitioner and Master Coach, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, Hypnosis Master Practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner.



Clairvoyance, Clair audience, Clair cognizance and Clair sentience.
Claudia speaks – English, French, Vietnamese, Spanish and Japanese.